Savino Marè

Writer, actor, photographer

Il mio percorso

I started taking the first pictures as a child and in my life I always brought with me four great passions: photography, cinema, music and literature. With photography I caught and I continue to seize extraordinary moments: in 2013 at the Bit of Milan (International Tourism Exchange) my photo shot won the Audience Award for the Marche Region.

My passion for cinema has brought me to be part of the cast of five films of extraordinary registers: Pupi Avati, Mario Martone, Alessandro Valori, Alberto Gelpi and Alice Bellagamba. I also took part in two short films and during the whole of my acting career I met a lot of entertainers. Some of these are Pippo Baudo, Micaela Ramazzotti, Andrea Roncato, Elio Germano, Stefano Masciarelli, Cesare Bocci, Massimo Ghini, Roberto Farnesi, Giorgio Panariello and Matteo Garrone.

The music led me into the cast of Lighea’s music video and the love for literature led me to write and publish in 2014 my first book entitled “Practically I, nothing happens by chance“. I owe all this to the passion, tenacity and conviction that all dreams are achievable.

In this year I published my second book entitled “We are music” and the Wikipedia community, given the canons of the regulation, considered me as an “encyclopedic person” and I was included in the world encyclopedia in English. “Savino Marè” is the voice voice published on November 13, 2020.

“I have walked a long time, time has passed as it should and the sunset catches me suddenly as I sit to catch my breath. I fold my jacket over the grass and capture the image of sunflowers looking at me. The ochre of thoughts looks like golden blade, and the fleshy stalks look superb, while the thoughts voice.”

Practically I, nothing happens by chance – Savino Marè